What we do?

We collect computation power into a grid and sell it to different sectors across the globe. The sectors where we are going to sell the computation power:-


Digital Ad Delivery

Digital Ad Delivery requires huge amount of computation power. Real-time bidding in Digital Ad industry is creating huge demand and supply imbalance of computation power. Currently RTB is only 9% of the global Ad pie. Idlecomputing.com contributes humongous hash power to reach the industry to large Ad platforms.

Crypto Currencies

Crypto currency is a type of digital currency that is based on cryptography. Crypto currency uses cryptography for security, making it difficult to counterfeit. Public and private keys are often used to transfer the currency from one person to another. Crypto currency is considered a counter-culture movement related to cypherpunks, who advocate the use of cryptography as a route to social and political change. Crypto currency presents a form of this movement in that it is essentially a fiat currency, which means it only has value if people agree to such and use it as a medium of exchange.

However, because it is not tied to any country, its value cannot be affected by a central bank. In the case of BitCoin, the most prominent functioning example of crypto currency, its value is determined by supply and demand in the market. As such, this currency behaves much like gold and other precious metals. IdleComputing.com uses its own global hash power for mining using multi crypto currency pools.

Idle Computing Own Crypto Currency Pools.

High Frequency Trading

High-frequency trading (HFT) applications have brought immense profitability to financial markets over the past few years, making them a popular investment tool for investment firms. As more financial firms engage in high frequency trading, every micro second can translate to millions of dollars of profits. In a business where profits are directly measured by system speed, a low latency, high volume infrastructure is essential. Our high frequency trading re-allocates or turnover of trading capital as fast as possible. We run HFT applications by using sophisticated trading algorithms, which process hundreds of trades in fractions of a second on the basis of changing market conditions The HASH power from IdleComputing Global Grid delivers following calculations.

Parallel calculations: Parallel calculations can be split into many smaller sub-calculations. This means that each sub-calculation can be worked on by a different processor, so that many sub-calculations can be worked on "in parallel". This allows you to speed up your computation. Coarse-grained calculations: Coarse-grained calculations are often embarrassingly parallel. "Monte Carlo simulations", where you vary the parameters in a model and then study the results, are also coarse-grained calculations. High-performance Vs. high-throughput:Fine-grained calculations are better suited to high-performance computing, which usually involves a big, monolithic supercomputer, or very tightly coupled computer clusters with lots of identical processors and an extremely fast, reliable network between the processors. Embarrassingly parallel calculations are ideal for high-throughput computing: more loosely coupled networks of computers where delays in getting results from one processor will not affect the work of the others.

3D Animation

Rendering of an animated scene is considered to be one of the most important steps in 3D animation construction. Rendering basically converts 3D geometric models into graphic images, Rendering complex 3D models is a very time consuming task since thousands of frames are needed to create an animation. It is considered one of the major limitations for creating professional 3D animation. An animator is required to login to the portal in order to use several of the functions provided such as job submission, file management and rendering progress monitoring.

The portal provides three main functions for animators. First, job submission allows an animator to upload jobs or animation sequences and submit job rendering execution commands to the grid through the portal. The portal works exactly the same as direct rendering from the plug-in except that the portal allows the animators to submit their animation scene representation files from any computer. In case all image files are already uploaded to the submission terminal, animators can easily use the portal to render jobs on-demand and download the rendered images from the server at a later time. A Zip file format is provided for downloading. They can also view the finished images before downloading. Lastly, the rendering animation monitoring function allows animators to check the progress of the rendering on the grid. The progress is shown using a percentage format and job/sub-job status is immediately presented when they refresh the web browser.

Statistical Analysis

Computation power is used for Analysis, Modeling of Data, Regression and Multi variance statistics.

Neural Networks

Computation power is used for supervise learning, clustering, time series predictions, dynamic system modeling.

Fuzzy Logic

Building Fuzzy Inference Systems, Simulation and Deploying Fuzzy systems.

Signal Processing

Computation power is used for Signal processing of Audio, Video visuals and simulating real world conditions.

Control System Designing

Computation power is used for control logic, plant modeling, verification of control design by simulating.


Computation power is used for next generation sequencing (NGS), Mass spectrometry, ontology and statistical learning.