Who we are?

We are a Team of Mathematics & Computer Science Professional's backed by Meenavalli Venkat , Chairman (Stampede Capital Ltd).

IdleComputing powering the Blockchain with global computation.

IC coin powered by IRC-20 token standard.  IC Coin is a Blockchain based Cryptocurrency token created to use global Computation Power and Electricity by digitalizing to Zero and Ones.

Evolution of IdleComputing

Looking at the efficient use of Global Hash power using Parallel Computing of BitCoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Our team designed algorithms to use global hash power into Grid as to use it using web interface. We created multi Cryptocurrency pools for mining using global Hash power and launched Global grid network Idlecomputing.com.

What made us to design Idlecomputing

Looking at the evolution of BitCoin, Our math team came up with novel idea to address ground challenges of High Frequency Trading.

Grand challenges are fundamental problems in high end real time data applications with broader matrix calculation and computations whose solution can be advanced by applying global distributed computer processing power Grid.