A Few Words About Us

We are a Team of Mathematics & Computer Science Professional's backed by Meenavalli Venkat , Chairman (Stampede Capital Ltd).

Our Team strongly believes in Disruptive Mass Interactive Technology.

Stampede capital ltd funded and backed by Meenavalli Venkat with team of Mathmaticians, Computer Science Professionals, Quant's created a race to Zero latency trading models for High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Electronic Market Making(EMM).

Singapore based Stampede Technologies Pte. Ltd. is stepdown subsidiary of Stampede Capital Ltd. which is Listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE Scrip ID:STAMPEDE).

Stampede is a fast growing leader in High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Electronic Market Making(EMM) using cutting Edge technology bridge between math and Computer interface.

Stampede aim is to become leading Global Financial Cloud Platform helping the Large Corporate, Exporters, Importers, Trade Financers, Hedge Funds, Private Bankers in managing risk while creating wealth.

We believe in Nano Second race in HFT for making dollars.